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  • What airport do I fly into? MCI – Kansas City International

  • Does Uber or Lift service to and from the airport?Yes

  • How far away is the hotel from the airport? - 25 minutes give or take

  • How should I dress? - Business casual, however, don't forget your swimsuit and your best old Hollywood glam attire! 

  • How Much is MYB3? $199 per person

  • What do I get for that? - Relaxation with industry friends, professional round table networking, excursions, food, beverage, and more.

  • Are meals and Drinks included in this price? - Most yes, each will be documented on agenda. 

  • Since it is in the city, is there a fee for parking?  If you are driving the venue does have a parking garage where the venue charges $20.00 per night.  However, with the MYB3 Owners Retreat, they are cutting that in ½ for $10.00 per night.

  • Is there a Hotel Shuttle from the Airport?  No, that would need to be an Uber.  However, there is an on-demand hotel shuttle that will shuttle if needed to the power and light district, which is also within walking distance.  There is also a public rail system to parts of downtown.

  •  When will I get the agenda?  The agenda will be finalized 2 weeks prior to the event.

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