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David McFarland.jpg
David McFarland
(Global Sales Trainer for Sun Evolutions)

David proudly considers himself nothing more than a tanning lotion sales professional. He has flashed his Sun E global sales trainer badge at salons across the world, hopping right behind hundreds of sales counters and closing sales to every type of customer that exists. A true beauty product fanatic with over 13 years of sales training experience, David gauges his success as a trainer not by a captive audience at a seminar but solely on how effective he is at selling to real tanners in real time.

Jason Brooks
(New Sunshine – Director of US Sales)

Prior to New Sunshine, Jason Brooks gained experience in the professional salon industry starting his career as a tanning consultant in 2009 after graduating from Indiana University.  He has first-hand experience in understanding the role of a salon professional and creating a relatable training and motivational environment that helps drive the success of today’s professional salon.  Today as New Sunshine’s Director of US Sales, he along with the New Sunshine Sales Team share the knowledge gained from years of experience, with salon professionals throughout the US.

Jordan Stamper:
(New Sunshine – Regional Sales Manager)

Jordan Stamper joined the New Sunshine team in 2019 as a Field Sales Representative, with previous experience in the retail and business industries after graduating from Indiana University in 2011.  Jordan’s passion for skincare and tanning is only matched by her passion to teach others about sales, leadership, and professional growth.  Jordan recently got promoted to a Regional Sales Manager with New Sunshine and is excited to work along side her team to continue to educate customers on everything New Sunshine has to offer.

Don Kermath bGrateful1.png
Don Kermath

Don Kermath is a small business systems expert who helps business owners grow their companies.

Don is part of a little known group of small business owners you’ve probably never heard of.

We don’t rely on venture capital or have delusions of going public. In fact, our smallness and diversity make up the charm and character of every town and city. We have products and services that we know enhance people’s lives.

Because we’re fighting against the big brands, corporations with literally unlimited budgets, we have to do things smarter. We don’t have financial safety nets. Every dollar we risk is our own money. We have to be profitable from day one. So how do we do that? How is that even possible?

MBAs and college textbooks tell you what we are doing is impossible. Yet it’s happening every day. It’s happening through the art and science of Dark Horse Systems.

We are Dark Horses.

We are just one system away.

Lisa DC.jpg
Lisa Saavedra (Parsons)
(Director of Brand Development - Devoted Creations)

Lisa Saavedra (Parsons) is the Director of Brand Development for Devoted Creations family of brands which includes Ed Hardy Tanning, Selfie Glow Sunless, CosmoSun by Cosmopolitan, and multiple other private label brands. With over 17 years in the industry, Lisa brings her knowledge and enthusiasm to all aspects of the business and the over 70+ counties the tanning and skincare products are sold. Lisa wears many hats, including social media, product development, Ads, design, brand concepts, writing, training, customer relations, public speaking and marketing strategies. Lisa has worked at the salon level managing a large chain of salons, which combines her training and brand concepts with real world experience. Lisa writes the monthly column “Life on the Road” for an industry trade magazine and has been a contributing writer since 2012. Lisa was also chosen as 2014 Island Sun Times “Person of the Year” making her the youngest industry professional to ever receive this honor. She was chosen for the award again in 2017 making her the first female recipient to achieve this prestigious honor twice. She was also chosen again for this award in 2019 and 2020 making her the first industry professional to ever win the voted upon award four times.

Baily DC.jpg
Bailey Johnson
(Social Media Specialist – Devoted Creations)

Bailey has been on team devoted for a little over a year now but she wears many hats! Her newest role at Devoted Creations is as our Social Media Specialist. No matter what the task is, Bailey always steps up to the challenge and is there to help whenever needed. She is so much more than just social media, she helps with all day to day operations. In Baileys role as Social Media Specialist for Devoted Creations, She creates content, engages customers, and is the one that always give you the heads up on sneak peaks, first looks, and everything happening at Devoted Creations! Bailey is originally from Tampa, Fl and loves to spend her free time with her boyfriend and two puppies, going to the beach, and spending time her friends and family. 

Brandon Smile.jpg
Brandon Cardinal
(Vice President – Norvell Sales)

Brandon Cardinal, has claimed his place among the leaders in the sunless tanning industry with his over 25 years’ experience.

His diverse industry experience as a sales representative and manager for a salon distribution company, equipment manufacturer representative, and owner of multiple salons, Brandon speaks from a place of firsthand knowledge.

He takes his experience’s to heart and shares them in an effort to educate and enlighten new and old industry professionals.

Product Trainings

  • New Sunshine

  • Sun Evolutions

  • Devoted Creations

  • Tan Incorporated

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