Close Out Sale

With new product comes discontinued products. Heartland’s Close Out sales are your last chance to get your hands on these. Come enjoy Heartland’s annual close out sale in a more spacious room than before. At these prices you definitely want to make sure you attend.

Product Trainings

Get the inside scoop on all of the 2020 new products from the top trainers in the industry. Learn what they are, why you want them, and how to make sure your customers love them. You might even pick up some tips on how to sell and market them from these MVP’s. 

Annual Owner’s Round Table

For Owners only, this exclusive session dives deep into what Salon Owners care about. Topics from Salon Owners, for Salon Owners. Come network and find out why this is an industry favorite each year.

Owner Work Shop

Let’s get down to business. Our owners centered workshop will focus on your salon business, and re-ignite your passion for it.

Staff Empowering Workshop

Is your staff ready to have the most amazing season yet? This staff event will give them the confidence to break sales quotas and achieve success.

Vendor Exhibits 

Spend time perusing the floor of our Vender Exhibits and see what is new for 2020. This is the time to see, smell, and touch new items as well as speak with vendor’s directly. Last year Heartland’s exhibit hall gave the very first look at the New Oasis Gun and a Sneak Peak at the Ion Gun (Fall 2019)  before anywhere in the industry, what new items will be unveiled this year? Reserve your spot know to find out. Vendor Exhibits are open on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon (Check Final Schedule of Events closer to time).

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